Your Next Step to Help Your Child Grow

First Step is a collaborative team of professionals who understand how important the right steps are to help your child grow.

Our professionals – speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists and special education professionals – work together to create a plan for your child to reach the developmental milestones that produce success at home, in the classroom and in the community.

How We Can Work Together

Testing and Diagnosis

First Step provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary testing and diagnostic services that evaluate your child from every aspect of his or her development. Our team of medical, health and trained therapists determines your child’s developmental levels, so we can develop the right plan.

Your Child’s Plan

Create a comprehensive treatment plan for your child to ensure progress.

Charting Progress

At every session with your child, our licensed therapists note and document the work they complete with your child. Those notes are part of your child’s permanent confidential record. They ensure that you and we both know how your child is progressing.