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First Step LLC empowers children and families to achieve their full potential

We work tirelessly to identify and evaluate as early as possible those infants and toddlers whose healthy development is compromised and to provide for appropriate intervention.

Our vision is a world in which all children, including kids on the autism spectrum enjoy fulfilled lives and an inspired future.

First Step LLC is a leading Early Intervention agency. Our agency has successfully helped thousands of New York families to gain confidence in their children’s future. Our staff is experienced in providing full scope of early intervention services which effectively address the needs of infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. The services are made available through a federal law and focus on physical development, cognitive development, communication, social or emotional development, and adaptive development.

Our multilingual team provides services within three boroughs of New York, Brooklyn, Quince and Staten Island. We treat every family with utmost respect to its believes, culture, language and values. We optimize our services and achieve progress through effective partnership and continuous communication with our served families. We carefully determine each child’s strengths and needs which inform the development of individualized service plan.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of work which is regularly monitored by our experienced Quality Assurance team. We embrace the culture of continuous improvement and strive to maximize your child potential while maintaining 100% regulatory compliance with the State and City guidance.

We are also committed to staff development, providing our professionals with consistent administrative support, advanced training opportunities and robust technical assistance.

Take the First Step and let’s begin the progress!

Since 2009, our agency has been successfully helping New York families to achieve full developmental potentials of their children.

We are happy to answer all your questions and guide you through every step.

Early Intervention starts early. Do not delay. Give us a call.

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